Live Running Train Status Online

Transportation is one of the biggest discoveries that led to the rise and downfall of civilizations. As far as the current generation is concerned, there are various modes of transport when it comes to moving from one place to another.

Speaking of Railways, the Indian Railways comprises of a gigantic network that spans for more than 65000 kilometers.

A plethora of trains run from one part of the country. Being the seventh largest country, in terms of area, the massive network at times feels like small enough.

Accordingly, there are trains which span across the whole country whereas other trains traverse meagre distances. The live position of a train is extremely useful to know in order to plan the commute accordingly.

There are different types of trains which are prominent such as:

  • Premium
  • Superfast
  • Express
  • Passenger

The Indian Railways went online on September 2002. From that point onwards, almost everything was carried out online. Even live tracking a certain train’s position was also known.

Earlier people had to go ahead and visit the nearby Railway Enquiry or call the nearby Railway Enquiry to know about the position of a particular train. Back in the day, a certain station’s Station Master used to notify the position of a train.

Once a train crossed or departed from the station, the news used to be transferred from the particular station master to others. Accordingly, the controllers used make way for that train and simultaneously give way to the next trains.

However, now with the advent of the Internet and the increase in digitization, people can easily check for the live train status online itself.

They have to follow these few steps in order to get information about the train:

  • Train Number
  • Station as a reference (optional)

Now, the train number is the most important thing here. If you do not know the train number, your process cannot be carried out. The knowledge of the train number is extremely important. You can go ahead on a search engine and type the name of the train.

The train’s number will be shown accordingly. Thus, after collecting the train’s number, you have to enter the same in the empty space and click on Search.
Now, sometimes there is an extra column called “Station” which you can add as a reference point.

This reference point will let you know how the far the train exactly is and how long it will take to reach that particular station.

Sometimes, the timings of the train might vary due to certain reasons. In that case, it is essential to double check on how the commute is going on, are there any chances of diversions or cancellations etc.

This is an important step which can save you a considerable amount of time and you will able to plan your next step in the journey accordingly.