About Us

About us:

With the help of this website you can book your tatkal tickets asap. In case if you have no Idea how to use this website, a quick guide for you:

Beofore booking for a tatkal ticket, make sure to visit the tatkalnow.in website. Enter all your details like:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • etc

Once you filled the details on form. Click on SUBMIT. Your details will be automatically saved on your browser bookmarks bar.

While booking for the tatkal ticket, click on that bookmark section to automatically fill your data.

Why Tatkalnow.in website?

Booking a tatkal tickert is not an easy process if you are planning your journey on festival season.

Over thousands of people just like you waiting or hoping to book the confirmed ticket during peak days. 

Tatkal ticket session opens just before 24hours of train deperature. Likely! You need to fill your details asap to get the confirmed ticket. But, filling your details like name, age, gender takes years of time, meanwhile the seats will gone.

In order to avoid that you just need to save your data on browser bookmark bar with the help of the tatkalnow.in. So, all your details will be autofilled and make it easy for you.