Tatkal Ticket Now: Book Tatkal Ticket Instantly

Open Tatkal Ticket Now Form
Tatkal Ticket Now: Book Tatkal Ticket Instantly

Tatkal Ticket Now - With the help of the TatkalNow you can book a tatkal ticket within a fraction of second. Below we cover the complete information on how to use tatkal ticket now.

With the help of the tatkal ticket now, you will can able to book tatkal for sure.

Once you open the tatkal now form, you just need to enter the details just as shown on IRCTC official website. The following details are as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Berth Preference
  • Food Choice (For Premium Trains only)
  • Senior Citizen Concession

Thus, in order to reduce the workload on your part, you can use this Browser Bookmark known as Tatkal Ticket Now.

Procedure For Tatkal Now Form

Firstly, you will have to enter all the above-mentioned information beforehand, even before you proceed ahead with booking your train ticket.

The time slots for booking a Tatkal Ticket are as follows:

  • AC Class tickets: 10 AM
  • Non-AC Class tickets: 11 AM

Then, while booking your ticket, just click the bookmark button at the time of filling up the personal information part, all the details specified here will be -filled in a jiffy.

Thirdly, proceed ahead with the payment procedure like before and you will save your valuable time like anything.

Not only the time is important but you will land up with a confirmed Tatkal Ticket Now since you were the first one to finish the procedure successfully.

These are the most sought-after benefits as far as Tatkal ticket booking is concerned.

People always lose their valuable time while filling up all the information on their part, which forces them to give up on that ticket, which is technically the whole point of the online ticket booking procedure.

With the onset of Tatkal Ticket Now, you can not only save your valuable time but also book your tickets successfully, thereby landing you with a confirmed ticket successfully and getting rid of the nerves especially while carrying out the booking.

Also, do let us know on where to improve our Tatkal Now software. Leave a feedback.

A stable mind wins half of the battle no matter what the arena looks like. Cheers!

About IRCTC - Indian Railways Tatkal Scheme

Indian Railways is one of the biggest employers in the whole world. The Railways is one of the biggest modes of transport in the country.

Tatkal ticket is launched back in 2008, for emergency ticketing. You can choose tatkalticket now for booking tickets asap.

It is the most subsidized form of transport for the massive population in the country.

Up until 2002, the ticketing system was pretty much an offline process. You had to stand in the lines at the Ticket Reservation Office and get along with the process of booking your ticket.

Later,in September 2002, the Indian Railways launched the IRCTC. Later tatkal ticketing system introduced, with the help of the Tatkal Ticket now users can now book tatkal tickets.

IRCTC or the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation is the online train ticket booking portal, primarily handled by the Indian Railways, obviously.

Now, the site handles around 3.5 Million users per month.

More Information:

In order to move ahead with the Tatkalnow ticket booking process, you need to create an account with the web portal of IRCTC.

You need to enter these details in order to create an account with the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Those are as follows:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

With the help of the Username and Password, you can easily log in to the web portal.

While logging in, you need to enter a CAPTCHA code or an OTP (if you're visually impaired). This works as an authentication measure for your presence.

After logging in, you need to enter the most basic details in order to filter out the trains that are suitable for you for that particular journey. Those are as follows:

  • From (Source Station)
  • To (Destination Station)
  • Date of Journey
  • Class of Journey

As you can see, From and To are the Source and Destination Stations respectively which you have to mention. Later, you need to mention the Date of your Journey. As per your desired date, the number of trains available will be shown successfully.

And finally, you need to specify your Class of Journey. The Class of Journey is your preferred type of ticket that you want to buy for the journey. The different classes available are as follows:

  • Chair Car
  • AC First Class
  • AC 2 Tier
  • AC 3 Tier
  • Sleeper
  • Second Sitting etc.

Once you are done with this, you will have to go ahead and choose the train that you want to opt for the journey.

Make sure to check for the availability of seats/berths before proceeding ahead with the reservation process. The seat availability will have these particular results usually:

  • CNF or Confirmed
  • RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation
  • WL or Waiting List

WL is a dreadful space since you won't get a confirmed ticket unless you have that many empty slots on the day of your journey with people canceling their tickets or not showing up.

CNF and RAC will actually get you a ticket no matter what, irrespective of a dedicated or a shared ticket respectively.

After this, you will have to enter your personal information. This is done in order to authenticate the ticket on your name. Otherwise, you can't claim this particular ticket on your name.

The whole process should take anywhere between 2 to 5 mins, by that time all Tatkal tickets will be gone. This is the reason we are introducing Tatkal Ticket Now.

Now, trains are generally considered by the Indian public, followed by buses. The thought of airplanes only passes by if time is a major factor and people can afford the cost of the flights.

The majority of India can not go ahead with the airplane option since it is not extremely affordable.

Having said that, between the tussle of the Indian Railways and the Indian Roadways, the Railways have a slight edge. It is an extremely known possibility since the Indian Railways provides the people with incredible subsidies.

The price to get a train ticket from one part of the country to another is reasonably affordable when it comes to the Indian Railways.However, with the entry of private players, Indian Roadways is a roaring market with reasonably higher prices.

Indian Railways being primarily run by the Government of India let the prices to be controlled by the Indian Government only.

When it comes to the types of train tickets, there are classes which people can choose by while booking their train tickets. These classes have already been mentioned above in the form of points.

However, the most commonly chosen clas in the Indian Railways is the Sleeper Clas or the Non-air-conditioned berths. Each person is allotted with a single seat/berth for the rest of the journey.

Each sleeper clas compartment has around 9 bays with 8 seats/berths per bay, thereby making it 72 seats/berths. Similarly, there are a number of Sleeper coaches per train, ranging from a few in number to 13 or 14.

Similarly, when it comes to booking tickets quickly and in a rather emergency fashion, tatkal for sure is the best option.These types of tickets are available a single day before the journey of the train commences.

The timings for the Tatkal tickets are very well known among the community:Now, to book tickets in the category of tatkal for sure, you need to have an fill form ready with information that you would have to enter otherwise.

The Tatkal now form will significantly reduce the time you would have spent otherwise.

Apart from that, having a seemingly good internet connection is what you need to book your tickets in the quota of Tatkal for sure.Otherwise, it will take an enormous number of tries and frustrated outcomes combined later on.

The servers are crowded most of the time, especially more than normal when it comes to the Tatkal booking timings. That's the reason we introduced the tatkal ticket now.

Thus, having a decent internet connection would help your cause significantly.

For more information about Tatkal ticket now leave a comment or contact us.